Vertical Integration:

Through our vertical integration Flower Flow is able to provide product with quick turnaround times ensuring that all our flowers are delivered quickly to our various marketing centres around the world.

Flowerflow Structure

Breeder of exclusive varieties:

Through our internal breeding programs Vegpro group has developed exclusive to certain varieties of roses. These varieties will be only available through our various marketing divisions.

Superior cool chain management:

From farm to customer, temperatures are maintained. This is achieved through vacuum cooling at source, the use of refrigerated vehicles for transport to our seeled freight terminal in Nairobi Kenya, immediate refrigeration on arrival at destination airport, we are able to delivery longer lasting product.

Extended product shelf life:

Through our close partnerships with some of the largest retail chains in both North America and Europe, we have developed efficiencies in our supply chain which eliminate all intermediaries and in turn reduces transit time to our customers.