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What is the Best “Red Rose” for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the upmost important day for any florist around the globe. One of the hardest decisions a florist has to make is “which variety of Red Rose am I going to buy?” Florists are undecided whether to go with Kenyan or Colombian, imported or local. Many Challenges arise such as if the rose will last more than a week, will the stem size be thick enough, will the head size be large enough? These are all issues faced by florists which the public are not privy to.

No matter where you source your Valentine’s roses from, the quality of flower is what will ensure your customers are satisfied, FlowerFlow’s Rajpal Bains explains.

FlowerFlow, being a part of the Vegpro group (a global rose specialist and breeder), have developed one of the world’s most popular varieties of Red Roses available in the market. The T-hybrid “Incredible” variety is bred to have a 5cm+ headsize, guaranteed 7 days shelf life from cut and vase life tested to last in excess of 2 weeks. This rose is available from lengths from 40cm to 80cm in length.

As well as the variety, there are 3 main factors all florists should take into consideration when purchasing their Valentine’s Day roses include;

  • Cool Chain Management
  • Consistency
  • Quality

Cool Chain Management:

Ensuring that the flowers have been treated properly along the whole supply chain is essential in the vase life of the rose. At Flowerflow, all flowers are sent directly from the farms via refrigerated transport to our facility located within Nairobi Airport Terminal. Prior to dispatch all product is vacuum cooled to ensure cool chain management from source to customer. Flowers are then checked-in via a cool facility at the destination, and transported to our facility with refrigerated transport for dispatch to customers.


Is this flower consistent all year round? Growers have been known to crop back for the large occasions to ensure that they meet the demand for quantities during peak periods. This in turn can compromise the quality of the flower. If your grower can provide you consistently all year with this flower, then it’s the safest option to go with what you know best.


Insist information on the vase life testing performed on the variety you choose. On top of performing your own testing, documented vase life testing is an essential part of the quality roses. At Flowerflow, vase life testing is performed at source and on the distribution end of the supply chain. Temperature controlled rooms which circulate and recycle air to mimic a retail outlet to assess the appearance and longevity of the flower. Daily findings are recorded and documented for quality assurance purposes to prove as evidence to customers and relay vital information back to the farms.


So if you are thinking about what to get for Valentine’s Day’s this year, be sure to ask your local wholesaler for the “incredible” red rose. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The Most Popular Autumn Wedding Flowers

The thrill of your wedding day will last a lifetime. A constant feature of every moment, every photo, will be your personal style and theme. Your wedding theme needs to come alive in every element from the table settings to the bridesmaids and yes, importantly your choice of flowers. From your wedding bouquet to your ceremony and reception, betrothed couples will want a unique, tasteful floral range that sets the tone of their celebration.

Brides and grooms-to-be (but let’s be honest, it’s seldom grooms!) often request seasonal flowers that reflect the time of year. There are a number of advantages to this strategy, including cost savings to your budget and having the freshest stock.

Thankfully, hand-picking your flowers is not a requirement – when you order bulk wedding flowers wholesale you get the full range of choices at your fingertips.

So, with that in mind, consider the following factors in the overall design of your wedding.

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In-season: Autumn Flowers and their meanings

Autumn is a beautiful time for flora. The vibrant green summer leaves are falling from the trees and turning into warm shades of brown and red, preparing themselves for winter.

Just because the leaves on the trees are changing, however, doesn’t mean that some beyond-beautiful flowers aren’t preparing to bloom in autumn.
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What to look for when buying wholesale flowers

Wholesale Flowers

What to look for when buying wholesale flowers

Flower quality, including the longevity of your flowers once they are in your store or vase, varies greatly depending on the quality of the wholesale flowers you purchase.

It makes sense therefore to form a relationship with a wholesaler that you can trust, someone you can communicate your needs with and who understands your business. If you are looking for wholesale flowers for your business or re-evaluating your needs, you need to very particular when it comes to your selection criteria.

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The history of the humble red rose and Valentine’s Day


Flowers are said to be a language within themselves. Transcending language barriers and allowing people to express emotions that can’t always be said in words.

No custom really expresses human emotions better than the gift of flower giving. Perhaps no flower then is more synonymous with the passions of love than the traditional red rose. Red roses are said to express the heart’s deepest passions.

Big, bold and red, red roses have really become the symbol of Valentine’s Day.

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Welcome to the new FlowerFlow website

We been working hard over the past few months to overhaul our website and online ordering capabilities to make your procurement process as seamless as possible. Our new site features an easy to use ordering platform where you can order premium, intermediates, sprays and mixes.

In addition to online ordering to for wholesalers and florists, we will soon have trade account tiers where approved trade customers can view their own special prices, order history and quickly make quick re-orders.

It’s all part of our FlowerFlow Difference; making flower ordering easy, quick and more affordable for our customers.