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The Most Popular Autumn Wedding Flowers

The thrill of your wedding day will last a lifetime. A constant feature of every moment, every photo, will be your personal style and theme. Your wedding theme needs to come alive in every element from the table settings to the bridesmaids and yes, importantly your choice of flowers. From your wedding bouquet to your ceremony and reception, betrothed couples will want a unique, tasteful floral range that sets the tone of their celebration.

Brides and grooms-to-be (but let’s be honest, it’s seldom grooms!) often request seasonal flowers that reflect the time of year. There are a number of advantages to this strategy, including cost savings to your budget and having the freshest stock.

Thankfully, hand-picking your flowers is not a requirement – when you order bulk wedding flowers wholesale you get the full range of choices at your fingertips.

So, with that in mind, consider the following factors in the overall design of your wedding.

A rose by any other name

A popular favourite, roses conjure instant romance, with a divine scent and subtly different petals. For an Australian autumn wedding, David Austin Roses are compact and delicate, and come in a range of gorgeous colours, from soft salmon, through to a dark blushing pink. Glass House Roses have more relaxed petals, with a natural, unfolding elegance. Both of these varietals are also available in white, for brides who would prefer their accessories to match their dress.

At FlowerFlow, some of our most popular ‘Premium Roses’ for weddings are ‘Incredible’, ‘Marina’, ‘Oops’ and the ever-popular ‘Senorita’ with most available in 18, 24, 28 and 36 bunches per box.

flowers from flowerflow

Clockwise from Top Left: ‘Incredible’, ‘Senorita’, ‘Oops’ and ‘Marina’

Practical can be beautiful

Wholesale wedding flowers need to be sturdy. Your bouquet will be your constant companion, and in most cases, it gets flung as far as possible by the end of the night. Furthermore, when decorating church pews, table centrepieces and overhead beams, you need flowers that can stand the pressure. This can certainly be said of succulents and berries.

Ivy berries are very dramatic, and add dark purple or even black tones to the mix. In season from mid-autumn, a couple of sprigs add a touch of whimsy without necessarily adding a bright contrast.

Similarly, the blooms of some succulents may be appealing, but the plant itself is also gorgeous in its symmetry. Adding an earthier feel to your floral arrangements, succulents are an ingenious way to add green, particularly if you’re looking to avoid the addition of leaves.

As if from your very own garden

A sentimental choice that may appeal to some brides is the azalea. Many yards across Australia feature these flowers because they bloom in abundance, and add instant colour to a landscape. There is also a sweetness to them. So, whether you’re looking for a monochromatic palette, or a rainbow of complimentary colours, azaleas can work in either scenario, in pink, white, purple and even red. They will certainly add a splash of brightness to your photo album when the leaves in the background may be turning.

Working with the autumnal spectrum

Alternately, you may wish to keep to a deciduous theme, and choose oranges, yellows and browns to give your wedding a northern hemisphere flavour. If you want a flower that makes a statement, then the cymbidium orchid is available in tones of white through to red, with rusty burnt orange in the middle. Another option is the freesia, which blooms in lines of tubular, delicate bell shapes.

Unique Australian flora

With the perfect conditions to grow year-round in our distinctive climate, native blooms are beautiful and abundant, often conjuring very personal memories. They also make great statement pieces for big tables and large spaces.

There are some wonderful, creative uses for flowers like banksias and birds of paradise, which are both in season for most of the year. These familiar sights are eye-catching and work with a number of themes, from country weddings, to more contemporary settings. The only risk is that, as statement pieces, they won’t blend with the rest of your bulk wedding flowers. So, consider pairing with more leafy vines, branches and even twigs, to let the flowers stand out.

Complimentary colours

Another flower you may consider is the dahlia. These traditional desert flowers are very striking, and can contrast colours in surprising combinations. But a word of caution, Daliah are better suited to earlier autumn weddings, or you risk a last minute substitution.

Flowers that won’t fail by 9pm

The longevity of FlowerFlow’s roses actually stems (excuse the pun!) all the way back to the farm. From the moment our roses are gently hand-picked they are immediately refrigerated and transported via our cold chain management process where the very degree of each bunch is controlled stringently until it arrives at the final destination.
When you buy bulk wedding flowers, it really is best to choose blooms that are in season in order to have the most impact on the day. Regardless of your personal style, there are distinct and stunning flower combinations available that will bring you immense joy as you start the next incredible chapter of your life together.

Review all your options at Flower Flow today, to check the availability of stock, as well as the stem length and discount you can receive for ordering bulk wedding flowers.