Our People & Our Communities

Flowers make the world a better place and FlowerFlow aims to do so too. We take corporate social responsibility and being true World Citizen very seriously.

Corporate social responsibility and World Citizen values are embedded as a palpable part of the organisation. CSR is part of our company values and features in the induction program of every new employee.

In fact, through our internal programs where we feed all our 10,000 staff daily along with provision of services through our Fairtrade program. Protecting our environment is also at the forefront of our business where up to 70% of our water is recycled through hydroponic systems and treated.

“Our people our family”

Our family are provided with various initiatives through our internal programs:

  • Free Primary Health Care
  • Free HIV testing & HIV Counselling
  • Free Canteens – 1 Square meal a day for all
  • Company Pension Plans
  • Home & Car Loan Schemes
  • Sports Teams
  • Community support philosophy & Many Fair Trade Initiatives.