Flower Flow - Australia’s Favourite Fresh Flower’s Supplier


FlowerFlow is a completely vertically integrated flower grower and supplier to the Australian wholesale and retail market. We own the entire supply chain which means we are able to provide the freshest, highest quality flowers and have them delivered to your doorstep fast. All extremely competitive prices you’d expect buying direct from the farm. Order online or speak to us today and start experiencing the FlowerFlow difference.

10,000 Employed
400 Hecters of Production
1 Million Stems a day
700 Tonnes of air freight per week


We feed 10,000 Kenyan workers a day.

Flowers make the world a better place and FlowerFlow aims to do so too. We take corporate social responsibility and being true World Citizen very seriously. Corporate social responsibility and World Citizen values are embedded as a palpable part of the organisation. CSR is part of our company values and features in the induction program of every new employee.


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