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5 Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Table Setting

Flowers make great additions to any table, be it a small family gathering or bigger, more formal events. With so many options available to you, you can style your table in any way that you like. 

Big statement pieces or small pops of colour, fresh flowers on your table will really take the setting to the next level. 

We have put together 5 ways that you can easily add fresh flowers into your table setting.

  1. The Centrepiece
    A table centrepiece is the perfect way to add colour to a table and help bring everything together. The best part about a centrepiece is that it can be anything that you want. The freedom to make a table centrepiece anything you like means you can really get creative. For a long table you may consider a table runner kind of centrepiece that goes all the way down the table, or for small tables consider a large vase with tall sophisticated and elegant flowers. Centrepieces can also be used on small tables, say a two person table. Make your own using a vase or jar and fill it with bursting pops of colour.

  2. Place Holders
    At more formal events or where there is to be a large table, you may consider place holders. Place holders essentially tell people where they will be sitting during the event. Generally this is a piece of card with the person’s name written on it. To create a unique placeholder, incorporate fresh flowers. A single bloom laid gently in front of the placeholder can be enough to make the card stand out.

  3. Napkins
    Any table setting will have a napkin at each seating place. For formal occasions this is generally a cloth napkin folded either into an elegant design or just neatly folded. A fresh flower tucked into the napkin and placed either on the guests plate or next to their knife settings will help bring everything together. Using fresh flowers in this way is extremely sophisticated when using a neutral colour scheme as the flowers will really pop.

  4. On Plates
    If adding a flower into your napkin doesn’t sound appealing then consider a single bloom on your guests plate. Roses look fantastic strategically placed on a china white plate. The best part about this is that guests can easily remove them from the plate when it comes time to eat and your table setting will not be disturbed.

  5. On Chairs
    If your chairs are leaving a bit to be desired but you want to add a bit of flare to them, consider adding some fresh flowers. Flowers can easily be wrapped about the backs of chairs or neatly tied to latticed backing. This is an easy way to help transform tired looking chairs.

Not many hosts think to make fresh flowers the main attraction of a table setting. First thoughts tend to sway towards fancy crockery, cutlery and glassware but using fresh flowers allows you to keep your serving plates and drinkware neutral and letting the flowers add colour while still remaining elegant. For events held at home, this is a great way to change up your table setting each time you host an event without spending thousands on new crockery.

Speak to the FlowerFlow Team

If you are hosting an event and need help choosing the perfect flowers to compliment your table setting, speak to the experts at FlowerFlow. We will be able to help take your table setting to the next level. We can also provide fresh flowers to large events all year around so you can ensure your table setting will be the talk of all your guests for weeks after your event.