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Fresh Flowers and Hospitals – What You Need to Know

Sending flowers to a sick relative or friend in hospital is a great way to show that you are thinking of them during a difficult time. Not all visits to hospital are bad though, the arrival of a new family member is always a time for celebration. With a multitude of health benefits, fresh flowers will brighten up any hospital room, regardless of the situation. 

Before you send any flowers to a hospital there are a few things you should take into consideration. 

Will the Hospital Accept Flowers

Before you send any flowers make sure you check if the hospital will accept flowers at all. Depending on what unit of the hospital your loved one is one, you may be restricted with what you can send. Burns units, ICU and Children’s wards generally do not allow fresh flowers.Your florist should have an idea of what hospitals allow fresh flowers but if in doubt, call the hospital directly. 

Think Hypoallergenic

Flower allergies are very common and can affect patients and hospital staff. When choosing flowers look for anything that would be considered hypoallergenic or that doesn’t have exposed pollen. Steer clear from flowers like Lillies that have a tendency to drop pollen. Instead try Roses, Carnations or Chrysanthemums as the pollen in these flowers are found inside the flower and at minimal risk of setting off allergies. 

Consider Bouquet Size

When choosing a flower arrangement it can be easy to think bigger is better but in a hospital setting that isn’t always the case. Big flower arrangements take up a lot of room and can get in the way of vital hospital equipment. If your friend or loved one is in a shared room their available space will be whittled down to a small set of draws making a smaller boxed arrangement or vase a better option. 

Woody Stems or Floral Foam

If your loved one is in for a long hospital stay, look for flowers with a woody stem or ask your florist to add floral foam to the arrangement. Nurses don’t prioritise changing flower water so you want to make sure that your flowers can last as long as possible. Woody stems don’t go soggy like other flower stems meaning the water can last a bit longer before needing to be changed. If that isn’t an option for you, ask your florist to use floral foam as this will hold water in without affecting the stems as quickly. 

Use a Professional Florist

Hospital rules and regulations are strict for a reason. The health of their staff and patients is their utmost priority. Working with a reputable florist will give you the best flower arrangement possible for the situation. They know the ins and outs of each hospital and what they will and won’t accept. They will also work with you to create a long lasting, beautiful arrangement that adds a pop of colour to your loved ones hospital room.

Work with FlowerFlow

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