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Fresh Flowers To Help Sell Your House

Selling your home is probably one of the most stressful things you will do during your lifetime. No matter how much you prepare the home before you sell it, there will always be a touch of doubt that you haven’t done enough. While that more than likely isn’t true, there may be one small touch that you hadn’t thought of.

Fresh flowers in the home during walk through inspections.

There are a number of reasons to include fresh flowers in your home while potential buyers are walking through. 

  1. Aesthetics
    It’s no surprise that flowers add a lot of appeal to any home. Fresh flowers are stunning to look at and add a touch of class and elegance to any property you are trying to sell. A fresh vase strategically placed in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or by the front entrance will help to grab the attention of visitors coming for inspections, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Don’t forget, as a seller, you want to create an environment where a buyer can see themselves living. 
  2. Feel
    As we have mentioned in previous articles, fresh flowers have the power to transform a person’s emotions and help unlock creativity, relieve anxiousness and stress to create a calm feeling. This still applies when trying to sell your house. Pairing flowers with the feel of the house will make all the difference. For example, if you are trying to sell a modern property, then invest in a stunning flower arrangement that looks polished and refined. Alternately, if you home has more of a country theme, you may try something a little more rustic that helps play up the country home feel. You will be surprised how much of an impact a flower arrangement can make during these times. 
  3. Smell
    Ok, this one is a bit of a given but we all know how amazing fresh flowers can smell. You may have heard some of the tricks that real estate agents use to make a house smell nice while walk throughs are happening. Some of these include, baking a cake, lighting strong scented candles and plug in wall sprays. While these are all great ways to make a house smell nice, to some it can be overpowering and too much. Remember that not everyone loves a strong scent so fresh flowers placed around the house are a great alternative. Flowers will help make your home smell nice and fresh without overpowering potential buyers.  
  4. Surrounds
    What about the outside of your home? You don’t have to have a large backyard to benefit from some foliage outside. While this doesn’t have to be anything over the top, a splash of green colour will help draw the eye and make the area more appealing. Around the front entrance of the home consider neutrals such as roses, lilies and jasmine, all of which has been proven to increase curb appeal. Just remember not to overdo it. Less is best unless you want to give off jungle vibes!

If you are selling your home make sure you contact the team at Flower Flow to help you choose the best flower arrangements to help increase your homes appeal. Our team will work with you to create stunning pieces that will last for more than one open home and help show your home at its all time best.