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Product Code: H30

Availability: In Stock

Available Stem Length:

40, 50

Head Size:

H= 3.5cm x W= 2.5cm


Well, there is chemistry in everything that surrounds us, isn`t it? Then why wouldn`t it be also when it comes to growing and taking care of flowers? H3O, or Hydronium, as it is commonly called, was formed by the union of one proton with one molecule of water.

This is exactly the procedure used to growing a rose. It is a tiny seed, placed in one of our eco-friendly environments, carefully watered with not too much, nor too little water, in order to create the perfect chemical, yet natural place, for our high quality, fresh cut flowers to develop and to finally arrive at your door!

Our special and unusual H3O has a happy pink color, which signifies friendship, love and femininity, and is perceived as bright, evanescent. If we stay in the chemistry area, we can say that the color of this rose is not random. It was also born thanks to a chemistry, mixing the molecules of the color red with the ones of the color white, creating this gorgeous shade loved by everyone!

Flowerflow grows and supplies year-round a consistent range of exceptional fresh cut flowers, so you can take the chemistry even further by mixing and matching and by doing some “do-it-yourself” floral arrangements.

Thanking again the chemistry, we have to let you know that the average vase life of a fresh rose is from 10 to 14 days, depending on the variety. This means roses will last for approximately 5 to 7 days for your customer if sold within 5 to 7 days after arriving at your shop! H3O is available in different stem sizes, 40’ and 50’, so you can begin your lab experiments!

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40cm (44 Bunches/box), 50cm (36 Bunches/box)