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Product Code: Senorita

Availability: In Stock

Available Stem Length:

40, 50, 60, 70

Head Size:

H= 5.0cm x W= 4.0cm


Our Senorita is a lovely, joyful rose! It inspires the joy of life that the Spanish people have in their soul, it can bring your smile in just a second, and can definitely inspire you to get up and dance!

But be aware, at first you will be tempted to eat it, because of its beautiful colors! It is predominant white, but take a closer look to its bright petals!

It resembles to sweet little candies, with that yummy tint of pearl pink that sugar candies also have.

Whenever you want to bring elegance to your event, but keep it joyful, playful and childish, the Senorita roses are the best choice!

Don`t forget that here at Flower Flow, we are happy to provide a free no obligation estimate for any of your life events! We also have the best price point and a high quality range of cut flowers in our rose collection so you can mix the Senorita with any other rose you please!

Take this piece of advice and think about how gorgeous will look our Senoritas near a full, rich bunch of red or yellow flowers! It will be an explosion of color and good taste, all wrapped in a soft perfume scent!

We respect our given word, and when Flower Flow’s primary objective was to grow and market top quality fresh-cut roses whilst maintaining quality of farm fresh flowers, we`ve made it a certainty!

Order now and enjoy our Senoritas in different stem length: 40’, 50’, 60’ and 70’ and let the Spanish party get started!

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40cm (36 Bunches/box), 50cm (28 Bunches/box), 60cm (24 Bunches/box), 70cm (18 Bunches/box)