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Product Code: Oops

Availability: In Stock

Available Stem Length:

50, 60, 70

Head Size:

H= 5.0cm x W= 3.5cm


Pink roses! How can they express gratitude and appreciation, grace and delicacy, all at once! If you ever receive a bouquet of those, it simply means that the person who offered it admires you.

The Oops roses are the ones in our high quality roses variety that don`t need a “thank you” note when you offer them. They are the symbol of admiration and show a deep sensibility. Take a closer look to the sharpened petals! It`s a detail that proves the quality of our fresh cut flowers, grown only in eco-friendly environments.

Details are making the difference when it comes to roses, and we guarantee that every single piece of “Oops” cut flowers will be perfect and unique.

Our advice when it comes to Oops roses? Their color will always remain the perfect color for an ethereal wedding, especially because their shade is a warm, powdered pink!

For the “wow” effect, use it in combination with yellow, orange, coral, lilac, ivory and purple. Flower Flow brings all those colors among our large rose varieties, so why not add your own touch to the wedding arrangements, by doing them yourself?

We grow and supply year-round a consistent range of exceptional fresh cut flowers and if you are considering ordering wholesale flowers for a future wedding or event we are happy to provide a free no obligation estimate.

Oops is available now in stem length 50’, 60’ and 70’ so you can let your imagination loose by creating a one of a kind bouquet!

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40cm (28 Bunches/box), 50cm (30 Bunches/box), 60cm (24 Bunches/box), 70cm (20 Bunches/box)