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Product Code: Incredible

Availability: In Stock

Available Stem Length:

40, 50, 60, 70

Head Size:

H= 6.0cm x W= 4.5cm


The first thing you are going to say about this beautiful rose from our large range of fresh cut flowers, will be “Incredible”! It has a gorgeous red color, the color which is well known to have accompanied mankind on his way since prehistoric times and has always been used as an inspiration in art! Why wouldn`t it accompany also you, in the most important moments of your life?

Red has always expressed feelings related to our emotional functions, because where red flashes, the soul is ready for action, it is ready to love and be loved, ready to live passionately. It is primarily an emotional relationship between a person and this gorgeous flower!

Order now and get the “Incredible” high-quality roses right at your door! Don`t worry, we ship worldwide and thanks to the fact that the average vase life of a fresh rose is from 10 to 14 days, depending on the variety, the roses will last for approximately 5 to 7 days for your customer if sold within 5 to 7 days after arriving at your shop!

Flower Flow offers the guarantee of high quality cut flowers at an extremely convenient price point so go ahead and ask for roses which have been shipped in date coded boxes to ensure you are buying the freshest product.

You can have now the “Incredible” in different stem length, to serve your wishes: 40’, 50’, 60’ and 70’. `

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40cm (30 Bunches/box), 50cm (24 Bunches/box), 60cm (20 Bunches/box), 70cm (16 Bunches/box)