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Product Code: Cross Fire

Availability: In Stock

Available Stem Length:

40, 50

Head Size:

H= 3.5cm x W= 2.5cm


Four sacred elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air are defining us, the human nature, from the ancient times and until our days.

The Crossfire rose has the four elements and so much more. Earth – because this is where Flowerflow grows them with care and passion, only in eco-friendly environments, fire – because they need the sun to caress their petals in order to grow strong and healthy, water – because it is the essence of life and without water nothing will develop anymore and air – because air is the only invisible thing that nourishes all the Planet`s beings.

Crossfire inspires action, movement, motion and overall, life! This will not be just a flower in your wedding, reception or event`s floral arrangements. It will inspire the need to live life at its fullest, to enjoy and to value every single breath of Air we take, guided by our Earth, nourished by the Sun and implicit, by the Fire, splashed with the water`s coolness.

Allow yourself to feel that by ordering now the beautiful Crossfire and be amazed by what nature, trough Flowerflow, has created! We grow and supply year-round a consistent range of exceptional fresh cut flowers which are exported respecting the “cold chain” and have been properly hydrated in clean buckets with floral preservative to last longer!

We ship worldwide and you can have the Crossfire at your own will, in different stem length: 40’ and 50’. We encourage you to commune with the nature right now!

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40cm (44 Bunches/box), 50cm (36 Bunches/box)