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In-season: Autumn Flowers and their meanings

Autumn is a beautiful time for flora. The vibrant green summer leaves are falling from the trees and turning into warm shades of brown and red, preparing themselves for winter.

Just because the leaves on the trees are changing, however, doesn’t mean that some beyond-beautiful flowers aren’t preparing to bloom in autumn.

Autumn in our vast country runs from March to May and, during this time, some autumn flowers in Australia are coming into bloom – perfect for adding a bright touch to your home or giving a thoughtful gift to a loved one. All flowers have a meaning, so if these are meant as a present, consider their symbolism, as well as their seasonality.



These bulbous flowers come into season in April in Australia and originated from the Mediterranean. A less-conventional flower for your home, but worthy of compliments all the same, hyacinths come in a single bushy stem of blooms. One of the best things about these gorgeous flowers is that they come in a large variety of colours.

Dependent on the colour choice, the symbolism behind hyacinths changes. In general, the strain is usually associated with rebirth, but the individual colours have their own meanings. Purple represents forgiveness, blue is consistency, while pink is playfulness.


Dahlia wedding flowers

Dahlias are in their element in autumn, having started to develop months before in preparation.

These pretty, multi-layered flowers are available in a whole spectrum of colours and look almost like a brilliant sun.

The meaning behind dahlias are simple and romantic – they symbolise loyalty, elegance and dignity. It’s no surprise then, Dahlias are also a very popular wedding flower.

Dahlia and roses wedding bouquet
A Beautiful White Dahlia and Roses Wedding bouquet



Ah roses! Don’t we know a thing or two about roses! Ever a winner in almost any context, both as a gift for almost any occasion, or just as a timeless addition to your space, roses in Australia are at their peak in autumn and ready for the picking.

With arguably the most colours to choose from in any flower family, roses are traditionally associated with love and romance, but can also have special significance depending on their colour.

Pinks and reds are linked to feelings of love (red is mainly feelings of passion), while yellow is great as a gift for a close friend. White symbolises innocence and purity, while orange is enthusiasm.

Crossfire Rose
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Often not a choice you can make with other flowers, the length of the stem of a rose can also carry great meaning. Long-stemmed roses are generally gifted to a lover, while short-stemmed signify young love or new love.



Want to add some cheer to your home? Chrysanthemums are the way to go. Traditionally associated with feelings of happiness and cheer, these bold blooms are at their best from March through to May.

Pop a vase full in a handful of rooms in your home to instantly brighten up any space. As these are often nicknamed ‘Mums’, they are also a beautiful option for Mother’s Day, as they are in-season in May in Australia, when the special day is held.


Red Celosias
Nope, not coral! Beautiful red Celosias symbolise passion & courage

You may not know these flowers by name, but you’ll probably recognise them by their appearance. These red, orange and yellow blooms are the perfect choice for autumn as their shades and tones match the warm textures of the season as it descends into winter.

Commonly known as cockscombs, these flowers look like upright peaks or spires, and work exceptionally well in bouquets or as ornamental flowers. They’re an unconventional choice for a gift, yes, but one that the recipient won’t soon forget. Their significance? While the actual word ‘celosia’ stems from the Greek term for ‘burned’ (referring to it’s charred-looking spires), as a gift, it holds an entirely different meaning. Yellow means peace to many people, while orange signifies creativity or flair. As always, red hues symbolise passion, but can also mean courage, too.

Autumn: An beautiful season for flowers

No matter whether you are searching for warm-hued Australian autumn flowers for your home as summer disappears and the cooler months set in, or the perfect gift for a relative, friend or lover, your choices are endless during this season.

Autumn is the perfect month to try out some blooms you may never have considered gifting to someone you loved, or styling into your home. From hyacinths to roses, dahlias to chrysanthemums, the season of falling leaves and cooler nights is also when some of the most beautiful flowers our country have to offer come alive.