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Upcycling Your Fresh Flowers

These days there is a lot of focus on recycling and upcycling our old items in order to become more environmentally friendly and “green”. Generally, when you think of upcycling you would think of furniture and other household knick-knacks that can be reused, but what about your flowers?

Just like many other items you can upcycle your old flowers. Wondering how you can do it? Read on.

Flower Pressing
Flower pressing is something that you probably have done as a kid one rainy day to keep yourself occupied for a few minutes, but, flower pressing is coming back in a big way. Pressing flowers is a great way to keep flowers that you have an attachment to eg, wedding flowers, anniversary flowers or even birthday flowers.

All you need to press your flowers is either a wooden flower press or a big heavy book. Put the flowers that you want to press under your book or in your flower press and leave for around 3 weeks. This will flatten the flower and dry it out, leaving you with a perfect sentimental keepsake.

Drying Flowers
Drying flowers is a really simple way to preserve your beautiful blooms. Simple to do, drying your flowers will make them last for ages and add a rustic look and feel to the area you present them. Use a rubber band or piece of string to tie the stems of your flowers together then hang them upside down in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. Over the coming weeks, you will notice the flowers dry up and the colours of your blooms change. Dried flowers can last years so make sure to put them on display for everyone to enjoy.

Homemade Potpourri
If you love potpourri then why not make your own with your favourite blooms. Using your already dried flowers add them to an old jam or mason jar and add in any extra herbs you like. Essential oil can also be included to help make your potpourri smell stronger. Put the lid on your jar and leave for a few weeks. The longer you leave your potpourri the stronger your potpourri jar will smell.

Body Scrubs
Fancy yet simple homemade body scrubs are extremely popular. If you are looking to dry some of your flowers out then you can use them to incorporate into your own DIY body scrub. Roses and rose petals are mainly used in body scrubs but you can use any flower of choice. All you need is coconut oil, sugar, essential oil of your choice (optional) and your dried flowers. Using dried flowers pretties up the scrub and makes a fantastic gift with a feminine touch.

Add To Your Bath
If you love to indulge in a bath every now and then, rose petals are a great addition. Not only do they help add hydration to the skin but they look amazing floating on top of the water. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the water or a bath oil of your choice to add calming smells and extra hydration to the bath.

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