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Flowers For Men – Choosing The Right Blooms

Times are changing and flowers are no longer seen as a gift just for women. With so many fresh flower choices available these days, there is always something for everyone. Masculine flowers are a great way to show someone that you care without them feeling like they have received a gift meant for someone else.

White Lilies
White lilies are a great flower choice for a man as the colour is very neutral. White lilies can easily fit into a masculine home or office setting without seeming too out of place. There are also numerous benefits to having fresh flowers in your home or office, such as adding a calm touch to the room and helping to improve concentration when focusing on difficult tasks.

These flowers are said to bring cheerfulness to the receiver. So, if this is the idea you are after then why not consider an arrangement containing gerberas. Consider more masculine colours such as deep reds, whites and oranges. Steer clear of pastel colours as these tend to feel more feminine.

Peace Lily
While this isn’t something that you could put into a bouquet, a Peace Lily plant is a great start for any man who isn’t used to receiving fresh flowers. The Peace Lily plant is full of green foliage with hints of white from the flower itself. A subtle piece which can be brought into any room or office. Acting as an air purifier, this plant would perfectly suit an office space to help with focus, concentration and creativity.

Bird of Paradise
More of a statement piece, bird of paradise is perfect to send to a man. It is often said that men look for statement pieces over what looks pretty and nice so, the bird of paradise makes for a perfect choice. 

While roses are often given as a romantic gesture, roses are perfect for men too. Simple yet elegant, you can’t go wrong with an arrangement of roses. As previously mentioned, stick to more masculine and neutral colours such as whites, oranges, deep reds and even purples. 

Flowers and Their Meanings
Flowers are chosen for a number of different reasons however you can’t go wrong when choosing your fresh flowers based on their colour meaning. Read our previous blog on fresh flowers and their meanings to learn more about what flower clours suit your needs.

Still Not Sure?
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