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Winter Weddings – How to Embrace the Weather for a Perfect Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in a couples life. While most people will tend to think of spring or summer as a prime time to get married, winter shouldn’t be forgotten. Winter weddings are just as beautiful and visually stunning as those thrown in the warmer months.

Read on to learn 4 reasons you should consider a winter wedding.

  • Amazing Vintage Event Locations
    The cooler winter months can turn vintage locations into incredible wedding destinations. Think rustic locations with roaring fires, leather and warm deep tones. Outdoor settings can also be turned into winter wonderlands with the help of portable heaters and and outdoor fires. You won’t be disappointed with the beauty that winter can bring to a location.
  • Stunning Photography Options
    Don’t be fooled into thinking winter is all damp and dreary. Cooler months can make fantastic photography opportunities. The winter sun can make for exquisite wedding photos that will stand out from those taken during the hotter months. You can also use the earlier nights to your advantage. Planning your wedding ceremony around sunset can make for the most incredible background. Reds, oranges and purples help to add to the romantic feel of the day and is a perfect way to tie everything in together.
  • Wedding Blooms
    Fresh flowers love the cooler months. You won’t have the normal troubles of flowers potentially wilting as you would with a summer wedding. Your flowers will continue to work their magic long into the night as the cooler weather keeps them looking pristine.Winter weddings are a great time to take advantage of deeper colours that really pop against the bridal party and venue. Deep reds and purples are modern, romantic and elegant all at the same time. When done right your deep toned flowers can really make a statement.
  • Winter Fashion
    Some of the most devine bridal looks come from those geared towards cooler weather. Long sleeved bridal dresses and warm wooly jackets for the men are visually stunning when paired with a great vista. Don’t be afraid to play with different winter looks as going with something unique often pays off.Getting your makeup to last the whole day will also be less of a hassle as the likeliness of sweating is reduced. Just like the clothing options, you can risk playing with a bolder makeup look as you know it will take you well into the night.

Besides the points mentioned above, winter weddings are a great time to save yourself a bit of money and nab the location you have always dreamed of, without having to worry about other couples getting in before you.

So, if you are trying to find the perfect time to host your wedding, why not consider a winter wedding. Check online for some wedding inspo, you won’t be disappointed!

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