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Our Top 5 Tips To Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Getting married is one of the most important times in most people’s lives. For most couples, it is the biggest event they will host in their lifetime, and for that reason it needs to reflect the couple while impressing their guests. Flowers play a very important part in a wedding, from the bride’s bouquet right through to table settings at the reception.

Choosing the right flowers for your big day can be as hard as finding the right wedding dress. So, finding the right florist to help you can make all the difference. Read on to find out our top tips for choosing the perfect wedding flowers.

  1. Know Your Budget
    Knowing how much you have to spend on flowers will help make the decision process easier. Generally, flowers are present from the wedding ceremony right through to the reception. So, being mindful of your budget will allow you to have the best displays available to you. This will also help your florist know exactly what is within your price range and in turn, pick the best fresh flowers to fit your budget. 
  2. Do Your Research
    Do you know what colour flowers you would like? Or, is there a particular flower that you would love to use as part of your bridal bouquet? Doing your research and searching for some inspiration will help you to narrow down ideas that you can take to your florist. Wedding forums, flower arrangement blogs and websites like Pinterest can help you find some great ideas.
  3. Choose Your Wedding Theme
    Choosing a wedding theme is also an important part of knowing what fresh flowers will suit your wedding. Think of the location of your wedding and the style you are wanting to follow. For example, if you are having a small garden wedding, then you may want to use more greenery and light or pastel colours. If you are having a more modern wedding, then you might want to use simpler arrangements that incorporate colours such as deep red to give a romantic feel.  
  4. Consider the Season
    Something extra to think about is the season in which you will be married. The season will also play a part in the flowers that you choose. Some flowers will be hard to find during certain seasons however, a good florist will be able to help you find something similar or work with you to find a great alternative. In some cases your florist may be able to work their magic and find the flower you are looking for. Just remember that this may incur additional costs and should be factored into your budget before you commit to anything.  
  5. Choose the Right Florist
    Finding the right florist is an integral part of the process. Look for a florist that shares your vision and works with you to create your dream flower arrangements. Before you commit to a florist, make sure you research, check portfolios and meet in person to ensure you are compatible.  

Fresh flowers really help to add a sophisticated yet romantic touch to any wedding. Choosing the right arrangements to fit your theme, colour scheme and style will add a unique touch to your big day. Speak to the team at Flower Flow to see how we can help make your wedding day, a day to remember.