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What to Consider When Buying Flowers for a Hospital Patient

If you have ever been a hospital patient or have been to visit someone in hospital you will know that the rooms are generally pretty bare and boring. There are a number of reasons to send someone flowers during their hospital stay, but there are a few things to consider first.

Before we dive into the nitty gritty, let’s point out the reasons why fresh flowers are great for hospital patients.

  1. They brighten up the room
    This point may seem pretty straight forward but fresh flowers are a great way to brighten up a hospital room. Patients often find themselves staring at the walls with nothing to do during their time in hospital. A bouquet of flowers will help give the patient something to focus on that will add a bit of colour to their day.
  2. A patient will feel special
    If you are ill enough to have to go into hospital then it’s understandable that any hospital patient will feel a bit down and sad. Sending a bunch of flowers to a friend or loved one is a great way to let them know that you are thinking of them during their time in hospital. While no one likes having to stay in hospital, there are some people that find hospital a very overwhelming place so knowing that someone is thinking of them and taken the time to send flowers can help take the edge off.
  3. It gives you a reason to visit
    Hospital days can feel very long between doctor and nurse visits. Fresh flowers give you a great excuse to pop in for a visit. The patient will be happy to see a face they recognise while helping to break the day up. Delivering the flowers yourself will also mean you get the see the result that your flowers have.

What to consider

While these are three great reasons to give your friend or loved one a mood and room brightening bunch of fresh flowers, there are a few things you need to consider before picking the flowers for your arrangement.

  1. Check what part of the hospital the patient is in
    All hospitals accept flowers, right? Wrong! Flowers are generally accepted on general wards however it is important to check first. Emergency, Intensive Care, Burns and some Natal wards do not allow flowers. This is because they can pose a risk to anyone who has a high chance of contracting infection. For this reason, many hospitals will refuse all sorts of fresh flowers.
  2. Think about flower choice
    Many people have pollen allergies. While your patient may not have any pollen allergies, other patients, nurses or doctors on the ward might. Stick to flowers that don’t have any obvious pollen exposure. Safe flowers include roses, carnations and chrysanthemums. This is because the pollen is deep inside the flower and not exposed like other flowers such as Lilies.
  3. Don’t choose a big arrangement
    While it may seem tempting to buy the biggest bouquet that you can afford, a small to medium size arrangement is best. Don’t forget that hospital rooms are bare for a reason, too much “stuff” in the room can get in the way of nurses and doctors performing their jobs. So, smaller arrangements are preferred.
  4. Provide a vase or boxed arrangement
    Not all hospitals will have a vase or glass that flowers can go in. If you have the option to choose a vase or boxed arrangement then that is your best bet to ensure your flowers are able to be displayed in your loved ones hospital room.

Speak to Your Florist

Next time you are looking for a bouquet of flowers to send to a hospital then speak to your local florist. They will have a good idea of what hospitals accept flowers and if so, what rules surround acceptable flowers. Before you know it your loved one will have a bright hospital room that they won’t might spending a bit of time in.