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4 Easy Ways to Help Beat the Winter Blues

Many people report feeling like they have the winter blues as soon as the cooler months roll around. While some people are able to carry on as normal through seasonal changes, others find winter a hard season to get through.

Generally this is put down to the lack of sunlight. Compared to the summer months, winter sees a lot less sunlight, making it harder for people to feel motivated and ready to face the day.

Signs You May Have The Winter Blues

There are a few signs that you may be fighting the winter blues. A few of these include:

  • Feeling less motivated than normal
  • Low on energy
  • Wanting to sleep more than normal
  • Feeling more irritable than normal
  • Not wanting to see your friends or participate in your day to day activities
  • Overeating or the want/need to eat unhealthy foods like chocolate and chips compared to your normal eating habits.

What Can You Do To Fight the Winter Blues?

While many people may agree they feel the above symptoms more during the cooler months there are a few things you can do to help feel a bit better.

  1. Get outside in the sunshine
    While this may seem obvious it can be easier said than done. Getting outside into the sunshine can really help to boost your mood. Unfortunately, for those who work 9-5 it can be hard to get sunlight before or after work. Try to get outside for 15 minutes during your lunch break in order to soak up a bit of the sun. You will be really surprised how much better you feel after a dose of sunlight.
  2. Watch Your Diet
    Eating a healthy diet during the winter months is important to help ensure you feel your best. While it may feel tempting to reach for junk food, it doesn’t do anything to help improve your mood. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to help feel light and healthy. Foods high in saturated fats and sugar work to spike sugar levels giving you a “crash” where you will often feel worse than before and more likely to want to reach for more junk food.
  3. Exercise Outside
    Invest in some warm winter clothing so you can get outside regardless of the weather. While it may be tempting to want to stay inside in front of the fire or heater, it is important you stay active. As little as 15 minutes walking a day can help to boost your mood. Plus, you don’t have to exercise during daylight hours to feel the benefits!
  4. Bring the outside in
    Fresh flowers are a great way to help bring some colour into your home or workplace. Flowers have been proven to help boost your mood and are a great way to add light to a dark room. Invest in a fresh floral arrangement that you can place anywhere within your house or workplace. Choose places that you frequently go but also consider places that you may not normally place flowers. Take a moment to take in the colours, textures and smell of your arrangement in a moment of self care. You will be surprised how much you benefit from fresh flowers.

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