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Instagram Worthy Fresh Flowers – How To Improve Your Flower Photos

Instagram Worthy Flowers

In today’s society, social media plays a big part in our everyday lives. In particular, Instagram, where hundreds of thousands of image and video content is uploaded everyday and shared amongst friends, family and strangers. This software has risen to become a popular image sharing app as the platform allows users to publish stunning images taken directly from your iPhone or Android device. 

So, what does this have to do with flowers?

Fresh flowers are stunning either by themselves or all dressed up in a floral bouquet or arrangement. Instagram is the perfect way to share your blooms with the world. While mobile devices make it easy to capture an image, there are things you can do to improve your fresh flower selfie game.

  1. Lighting is Key
    The time of day that you photograph your fresh blooms makes a huge difference to the overall appeal of your image. Sunrise and sunset, often referred to as golden hour, is a great time to take natural yet warm images of your flowers. Or, if a golden hue isn’t what you’re after, then search for another source of soft light. Shooting your subject in harsh light will make sections of your photo look over exposed and harsh. Finding the right balance will ensure your flowers look stunning.

  2. Think About Your Background
    A busy background means that your flower arrangement will become lost in the surrounds. While it may seem cool to add as much as possible to the photo it isn’t always necessary. Your flowers are the main subject in the photo and you want to make sure that this comes across. Choose a neutral or plain background to show off the beauty of your flowers. Light colours work best as the natural colour of the flowers will pop against the background. Alternately, bright colours such as yellow, purple and red really pop against a black background. Play around with your background to see which works best with your floral arrangement.

  3. Consider the Angle
    The angle of an image is everything. No matter how big or small your bouquet is, taking a photo directly from the top doesn’t always show just how beautiful your flowers are. Shooting from a lower angle allows you to show the flowers from a more unique perspective. A lower angle also means you include more of the light background while eliminating any distractions.

  4. Focus on One Flower
    Is there one particular flower in your floral arrangement that you love and want to show off? Focussing on one flower will allow you to get up close and really show it off. Choose one particular flower and get closer up to it, using the flower to fill up your whole picture space. This will allow you to really see the detail in the middle of the flower and the surrounding petals. This is a great way to show texture and detail.

  5. Capture Water Droplets
    Just picked up or received your fresh flowers? Then there’s a chance you will notice water droplets on some of the petals and greenery. This element can really add something special to your Instagram image. The water helps to add some sparkle and glam to your photo while also showcasing how delicate the flower petals really are.

Don’t be afraid to play around with angles, lighting and positioning of your fresh flowers. Before you know it you will be capturing professional looking images with minimal effort. Speak to the team at Flower Flow today to see how we can help you put together the perfect floral arrangement for your Instagram page!