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Fresh Flower Colours and Their Meaning

Working with a reputable wholesale flower supplier not only means you have access to stunning fresh flowers but you have access to a whole wealth of knowledge, including what flowers go best for what occasion.  For years it has been known that particular coloured flowers are often chosen for certain occasions. Knowing what colours are appropriate for your customer’s needs can be tricky when you are dealing with so many different flower varieties.

The team at Flower Flow have put together a quick and easy guide to flower colours and their meanings.

Red Flowers – Love and Romance

Red flowers often represent love, desire and strength. Red flowers have long been a symbol of love with the colour managing to easily stand out amongst other flowers. Red roses are often chosen as a gift to give to loved ones. Not only used to show love, red flowers can also be used to convey respect and courage.

Pink Flowers – Love, Happiness and Gentleness

Similar to red flowers, pink flowers are used to show love, happiness and gentleness. The pink colour is also used to symbolise femininity which is why you often see pink flowers in bouquets made up for customers looking for Mothers Day bouquets.

Yellow Flowers – Happiness, Joy and Friendship

Yellow flowers are a symbol of friendship as their bright cheery colour is used to help brighten someones day and help increase positivity. It is also said that yellow flowers help to evoke feelings of joy. Yellow flowers are also said to symbolise success and pride.

White Flowers – Purity, Innocence and Sympathy

White flowers are extremely versatile and can be used in bridal bouquets or bereavement arrangements. White roses are a favourite in these kinds of bouquets as no other flower can symbolise purity during a wedding ceremony or sympathy during a memorial service quite like a white rose.

Purple Flowers – Success, Dignity and Pride

Also known as a symbol of royalty and ceremony, purple flowers are a sign of success, dignity and pride. With so many different shades of purple available, a bouquet of purple flowers can really create depth and texture while looking amazing.

Lavender Flowers – Grace, Elegance and Youth

Not to be confused with purple flowers, lavender flowers symbolise elegance, grace and youth. While some people may consider lavender coloured flowers to be old-fashioned, when built into the perfect bouquet lavender flowers can look stunning and stand out as the hero flower.

Blue Flowers – Tranquility and Peace

Blue flowers are said to be soothing and evoke feelings of relaxation in order to release negative feelings and stress. Arrangements containing blue flowers are also said to cool anxiousness and bring an overall sense of calmness.

Green Flowers – Rebirth and Renewal

Used to wish the receiver good health and good fortune, green flowers can also be a symbol of youthfulness. Not always a top choice, green flowers should not be underestimated as an arrangement that showcases green flowers can stand out just as much as other colours.

Ensuring you have plenty of stock available to your customers is essential in order to provide stunning bouquets for all occasions. Speak to Flower Flow today to see how we can help keep you stocked with superior fresh flower colours all year round.

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5 Places To Display Your Fresh Flowers That Aren’t The Kitchen

Fresh flowers can help to brighten any room. A beautiful bouquet of flowers regardless of size can bring life, soul and a splash of colour to any location. Usually displayed in the kitchen your fresh blooms can be used in any room around your home, you will be surprised by just how much of an impact and statement they can make.

Next time you receive a fresh bouquet try displaying them in one of these rooms.

  1. Inside the Front Door
    A big vase overflowing with fresh flowers will make a big impact when you or your guests walk through your front door. The vibrant colours catch the eye and can help to enhance the look and feel of your home’s styling. Multiple vases of the same style but different heights filled with roses create a very elegant look that makes an immediate impression.
  2. The Bedroom
    A small bunch of lightly perfumed flowers placed on your bedside table in colours that match your interior decor will help you relax and unwind as you get ready for bed of a night and help you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day in the morning. You will be surprised by how much a nice display of flowers in your bedroom can help to make you feel relaxed and revitalised.
  3. The Bathroom
    Most home bathrooms are designed to be styled with accessories to bring colour and life to the room. Fresh flowers are a great way to add colour and life to your bathroom. Without having to completely restyle your bathroom, fresh blooms in your choice of colours and tones will bring a new and fresh feel to your bathroom. This is also a great touch if you are planning to have guests over and want to add a nice focal point and splash of colour to your bathroom.
  4. Home Office
    If you work from home or spend a lot of time in your home office, treat yourself to a bunch of fresh flowers. Display them in a part of your home office that you look at frequently to reap the benefits. Pastel and light colours will help to bring an air of calm and tranquillity while brighter colours can bring a fun and playful feeling to your office. Fresh flowers help to bring the outside in meaning you increase productivity.
  5. Your Patio
    This one may sound a bit strange but a big bouquet displayed on your patio table or arranged in a tall vase placed between your outdoor furniture will bring colour and vibrancy to your outdoor area. This is a great decorating option when you are entertaining or spending more time outdoors during spring and summer. Choose bright summery colours that will stand out against the other colours in your garden and around your patio area. Add your blooms to a small vase for something more subtle or choose tall vases overflowing with fresh flowers for a standout fashionable look.


Fresh flowers are extremely versatile and can be displayed anywhere around your home that you feel can do with a splash of colour or touch of elegance. Speak to the team at Flower Flow to see how we can help you pick the perfect fresh flowers for your home.


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7 Benefits of Working with a Reputable Fresh Flower Supplier

7 Benefits of Working with a Reputable Fresh Flower Supplier

Fresh cut flowers are an item that are in constant demand. From birthdays to weddings to more sombre occasions such as funerals, flowers can conjure up a whole host of feelings and emotions. Having the right supply of fresh blooms in your arsenal will mean you are ready to help put together the perfect bouquet for any occasion.

Finding the right supplier to help meet your demands can make or break you as a successful floristry business. If you are new to the fresh flower industry or are looking to refresh your supplier contacts, here are 7 benefits to working directly with a fresh flower supplier.

  1. Variety
    Working with the right fresh flower supplier means you will be open to a wide range of options. From different colours and species, you will be spoilt for choice. When looking for the right supplier always choose a company that has an array of choices. The last thing you want is to pigeonhole yourself into selling a handful of fresh flower choices.
  2. Superior Product
    A reputable fresh flower supplier understands how important it is to receive flowers in pristine condition. They work hard to ensure fresh cut blooms are kept fresh and stored correctly during transit, providing a long shelf life, meaning your customers receive a stunning bouquet every time.
  3. Quick Turnaround Times
    A good supplier will have the means to ensure quick turnaround times. Things change day to day and you may find yourself in a position where you need to order fresh flowers quickly. Don’t be caught out waiting for an order that may never come. Choose a company that prides itself on having stock when you need it most.
  4.  Excellent Customer Service
    There is nothing worse than trying to form a working relationship with a brand that doesn’t understand your needs. Choose a supplier that not only has great customer service but is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are happy with your order. Finding the right fresh flower supplier that works with you will not only benefit you but your customers as well.
  5. Year-Round Supply
    Orders for fresh flowers never stop. While you may have quieter periods there will always be a demand for flowers year round. Choose a supplier that can supply you with amazing stems all year-round without compromising on quality.
  6. Ethical Farming
    One of the most important things you want to look for is a fresh flower supplier that supports and actively participates in ethical and sustainable flower farming practices. Working to protect the environment through responsible water usage and water treatment programs will allow the supplier to grow superior blooms for many years to come.
  7. Exclusive Flower Varieties
    You always want to be on the lookout for a supplier that has something no one else can offer. Breeding exclusive varieties of flowers will give you something extra special to provide your customers with. This option is a big hit for special events such as a wedding where a customer may be looking for something rare or completely different that will stand out on their big day.

Finding the right fresh flower supplier that gels and aligns with your business objectives will mean you forge a great working relationship that will last for years. Not to mention you will be proud to supply your customers with the best stems and blooms possible. Your customers will thank you for it.

Contact the team at Flower Flow to see how we can help supply your business with beautiful stems year-round.

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6 Easy Ways To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

There’s no better feeling than receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether you receive them as a birthday present, thank you gift or even in a bridal arrangement, the mixture of colour, greenage and beautiful wrapping leaves a long lasting impression. Often, the first point of call once you get them home is to pop them straight in a vase full of water, but is that really the best way to ensure your blooms stay as vibrant as possible, for as long as possible?

Read on to find out 6 easy ways that you can help your flowers stay fresh for longer.

  1. Cut The Stems
    This may seem like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people forget this important step. Cutting the stems allows your flowers to take in water easier as the stem isn’t pushed flat against the bottom of the vase.Use a pair of gardening shears or a pair of sharp scissors to cut all of the stems on an angle. This can be done easily without needing to pull your bouquet apart, meaning that you can keep the arrangement the same way you received it. Trimming the stems every few days will help to keep them as fresh.
  2. Prune Low Growing Leaves
    Pruning leaves that fall below the water line will help to keep vase water fresh. Any bacteria that grows in the water will shorten the life of your flowers. Make sure you keep an eye on any leaves or petals that may have fallen into the water incase they start to rot. Refreshing the water every few days will help keep bacteria away.
  3. Feed Your Blooms
    How many people can put their hand up and admit that they throw away the little packet of flower food that is stuck somewhere on or within the bouquet wrapping? Most flower recipients can probably say they have done this at least once. Flower food is full of good nutrients that flowers need to live longer. Using this little packet of food will do your flowers wonders.Once you have selected your vase, make sure it is clean. Fill it with room temperature water and mix in the food solution, ensuring the water doesn’t dilute the flower food too much or that the flower food isn’t too concentrated. Check the packet of flower food for instructions as this will help you get the ratios correct. Ensure the food is thoroughly mixed in before you put the flowers in. Again, make sure you change the water and flower food solution every few days.
  4. Find The Perfect Spot to Place Your Vase
    Finding the right location to display your flowers can be a difficult task. You may already have a spot picked out where you can proudly display your blooms but
    there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the right position. Your flowers won’t last well in direct sunlight or near a heat source such as a stove top or small appliance like a toaster. This can cause the flowers to dry out and in some cases burn, especially during summer time when the summer sun is very strong. Open windows and drafts from air vents can also quicken the dehydration process.
  5. Steer Clear of Fresh Fruit
    While it may be tempting to arrange your flowers next to fresh fruit for an instagram worthy display, that is one of the worst things you could do if you want your blooms to last. Fruit releases ethylene gas as it ripens and unfortunately fresh cut flowers do not last long once exposed to the gas.If you need to take a quick pic for instagram, make sure you make it quick and seperate the two, because just like oil and water, they will never mix.
  6. Put Your Flowers In The Fridge
    While some may think this is madness, putting your flowers in the fridge each night will help to slow the aging process and in turn your flowers will stay bright and looking their best for much longer.Allow your flowers to chill out each night and reap the rewards each morning as you fall in love with your bouquet all over again.

Flower Flow Bonus Tip

Fresh cut blooms thrive on water and sugar. If you run out of flower food and need to change the water, add some sprite or lemonade to the next lot of fresh water. Add ¼ cup of lemonade to the water and give it a good stir. The flowers will love the sweetness from the soft drink, giving them the energy to keep looking their best.

There you have it! 6 super easy steps to help increase the lifespan of your bouquet. Fresh flowers help to add a sense of happiness and calm to any room. The team at Flower Flow have stunning fresh flowers and are available to help you pick the perfect bunch for any occasion.

Contact us today to learn more about our range of fresh flowers.

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What is the Best “Red Rose” for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the upmost important day for any florist around the globe. One of the hardest decisions a florist has to make is “which variety of Red Rose am I going to buy?” Florists are undecided whether to go with Kenyan or Colombian, imported or local. Many Challenges arise such as if the rose will last more than a week, will the stem size be thick enough, will the head size be large enough? These are all issues faced by florists which the public are not privy to.

No matter where you source your Valentine’s roses from, the quality of flower is what will ensure your customers are satisfied, FlowerFlow’s Rajpal Bains explains.

FlowerFlow, being a part of the Vegpro group (a global rose specialist and breeder), have developed one of the world’s most popular varieties of Red Roses available in the market. The T-hybrid “Incredible” variety is bred to have a 5cm+ headsize, guaranteed 7 days shelf life from cut and vase life tested to last in excess of 2 weeks. This rose is available from lengths from 40cm to 80cm in length.

As well as the variety, there are 3 main factors all florists should take into consideration when purchasing their Valentine’s Day roses include;

  • Cool Chain Management
  • Consistency
  • Quality

Cool Chain Management:

Ensuring that the flowers have been treated properly along the whole supply chain is essential in the vase life of the rose. At Flowerflow, all flowers are sent directly from the farms via refrigerated transport to our facility located within Nairobi Airport Terminal. Prior to dispatch all product is vacuum cooled to ensure cool chain management from source to customer. Flowers are then checked-in via a cool facility at the destination, and transported to our facility with refrigerated transport for dispatch to customers.


Is this flower consistent all year round? Growers have been known to crop back for the large occasions to ensure that they meet the demand for quantities during peak periods. This in turn can compromise the quality of the flower. If your grower can provide you consistently all year with this flower, then it’s the safest option to go with what you know best.


Insist information on the vase life testing performed on the variety you choose. On top of performing your own testing, documented vase life testing is an essential part of the quality roses. At Flowerflow, vase life testing is performed at source and on the distribution end of the supply chain. Temperature controlled rooms which circulate and recycle air to mimic a retail outlet to assess the appearance and longevity of the flower. Daily findings are recorded and documented for quality assurance purposes to prove as evidence to customers and relay vital information back to the farms.


So if you are thinking about what to get for Valentine’s Day’s this year, be sure to ask your local wholesaler for the “incredible” red rose. Happy Valentine’s Day!