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4 Easy Ways to Help Beat the Winter Blues

Many people report feeling like they have the winter blues as soon as the cooler months roll around. While some people are able to carry on as normal through seasonal changes, others find winter a hard season to get through.

Generally this is put down to the lack of sunlight. Compared to the summer months, winter sees a lot less sunlight, making it harder for people to feel motivated and ready to face the day.

Signs You May Have The Winter Blues

There are a few signs that you may be fighting the winter blues. A few of these include:

  • Feeling less motivated than normal
  • Low on energy
  • Wanting to sleep more than normal
  • Feeling more irritable than normal
  • Not wanting to see your friends or participate in your day to day activities
  • Overeating or the want/need to eat unhealthy foods like chocolate and chips compared to your normal eating habits.

What Can You Do To Fight the Winter Blues?

While many people may agree they feel the above symptoms more during the cooler months there are a few things you can do to help feel a bit better.

  1. Get outside in the sunshine
    While this may seem obvious it can be easier said than done. Getting outside into the sunshine can really help to boost your mood. Unfortunately, for those who work 9-5 it can be hard to get sunlight before or after work. Try to get outside for 15 minutes during your lunch break in order to soak up a bit of the sun. You will be really surprised how much better you feel after a dose of sunlight.
  2. Watch Your Diet
    Eating a healthy diet during the winter months is important to help ensure you feel your best. While it may feel tempting to reach for junk food, it doesn’t do anything to help improve your mood. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to help feel light and healthy. Foods high in saturated fats and sugar work to spike sugar levels giving you a “crash” where you will often feel worse than before and more likely to want to reach for more junk food.
  3. Exercise Outside
    Invest in some warm winter clothing so you can get outside regardless of the weather. While it may be tempting to want to stay inside in front of the fire or heater, it is important you stay active. As little as 15 minutes walking a day can help to boost your mood. Plus, you don’t have to exercise during daylight hours to feel the benefits!
  4. Bring the outside in
    Fresh flowers are a great way to help bring some colour into your home or workplace. Flowers have been proven to help boost your mood and are a great way to add light to a dark room. Invest in a fresh floral arrangement that you can place anywhere within your house or workplace. Choose places that you frequently go but also consider places that you may not normally place flowers. Take a moment to take in the colours, textures and smell of your arrangement in a moment of self care. You will be surprised how much you benefit from fresh flowers.

Contact FlowerFlow

The team at FlowerFlow have fresh seasonal flowers to help you keep the winter blues at bay. Speak to our team today to see how we can help keep your home, business or workplace looking fantastic all year round!

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Wedding Flower Arrangements – Churches, Gardens & Beaches

Choosing your wedding flowers is one of the more enjoyable parts of wedding planning. With so many options to choose from, the world is your oyster! Working with a florist will make the job easier and ensure that you have an expert on your side that knows the ins and outs of wedding flowers.

There are some points to consider when it comes to choosing the right flowers. You can read more about that here. A major part of choosing the right flowers for your wedding day comes down to the ceremony location.

Church Weddings

Fresh flowers in a church can look absolutely stunning. Rich dark colours with splashes of white really stand out amongst the colours generally found within a church. If you have already picked your colour scheme your wedding florist will be able to help you choose fresh flowers that suit the theme and also look great in a church.

There are quite a few flower placement options with a church that you may want to consider. First is the church alter, the part of the church where the bride and groom stand during the ceremony. Here is a great place to really show off a couple of large fresh flower arrangements. These work as a kind of backdrop to the bride and groom and is a great way to tie in the colour scheme.

The ends of pews are another great place to add some pops of colour. These are generally smaller floral arrangements that are tied on or placed at the end of pews. This also gives the impression of a “walk way” in which the bridal party walk down. It’s a great way to help guests feel like they too are part of the overall wedding.

Depending on the size of the church you may want to add some splashes of colour around the room. This can include the entrance way of the church and also outside of the church. Most couples will take photos out the front of the church so a few floral arrangements outside can make for great photos.

Garden Weddings

Garden weddings are fantastic when it comes to floral arrangements. An outdoor wedding gives the bride and groom lots of chances to include different colours and textures from fresh flowers. Working with the surrounding gardens can help to make your colour theme choice easier. Some gardens feature certain colours heavily throughout giving your florist great options to work with.

The good thing about a garden wedding is the chance to incorporate fresh blooms into your bridal arch setting. Some gardens may already have an alter/bridal arch which you can add floral arrangements too. Others may not have a static alter, this means more room to play with flowers. Creating your own arch out of flowers can really add to the romance of the day. The best part about dressing your own bridal arch means you can dress it up as much or as little as you like.

Similar to a church wedding, you can also add small arrangements to the guest seating. Garden weddings generally have less seating than a church wedding, however, still benefit from some colour. If you have individual seating a small arrangement can be added to each seat or you can add a slightly larger arrangement to the seat closest to the aisle.

Speak to your florist about adding in some loose petals that can be scattered down the aisle or used to throw by guests as the newly married bride and groom walk back down the aisle.

Beach Weddings

Often more casual than a church wedding, beach weddings can be just as elegant. Similar to a garden wedding, a beach setting allows you more options when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. Bright and dark colours can be used here as the colours work well against the light coloured sand.

Beach weddings require you to provide your own bridal arch. This will create a backdrop that has to compete with the ocean in the background. Make sure you choose flowers that will stand out against the water, otherwise your arch will be lost amongst the similar colours. Your florist will be able to help you pick colours that work well with the beach setting and that stand out without being too overpowering.

Loose petals are great at beach weddings as they can be used to create an aisle for the bride to walk down. You have the option to go as safe or as bold as you like here as the neutral colour of the sand will make a great blank canvas. Using loose petals may reduce the need for floral arrangements at the end of each row of chairs but that is completely up to the bride and groom.

Work With Your Florist

Your florist is the expert when it comes to fresh wedding flowers and arrangements. Walk them through your wedding venue and they will be able to make suggestions that meet your needs and enhance your wedding location.

The team at FlowerFlow are experienced with weddings and can help you with bulk flower orders. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you

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Flower Crowns – Why They’re More Than a Fashion Trend

Flower crowns have come back into fashion over the past 5 years. While they are widely popular at the moment, the idea of a flower crown or flower halo is nothing new. Wearing a flower crown has been dated as far back as ancient Greece.

While today flower crowns are more often worn as an accessory, there is a lot more to the flower crown than you may think.

The Ancient Greeks Wore Flower Crowns for Multiple Reasons

Flower crowns were extremely popular during ancient Greek times. Often worn during ceremonies as a way to honor the gods, the Greeks favoured flower crowns as a way of showing respect and achievement to army victors. Queue images of Julius Caesar and his laurel leaf wreath.

Medieval Times Saw a Decline in Flower Crowns

During this time period flower crowns became almost non-existent. The reason being was Pagan rituals often used flower crowns as a way to honor and adorn statues of pagan gods during religious ceremonies. To be seen wearing a flower crown at this time could see you tried and convicted of being a witch!

The Victorian Era Revived the Humble Flower Crown

Queen Victoria brought the flower crown back into fashion as she wore a stunning orange blossom flower crown in her hair during her 1840 wedding to Prince Albert. Like the white wedding dress, from this time on it became popular for brides to wear an orange flower crown on their wedding day.

Modern Day Flower Crowns

Modern day flower crowns have come a long way from simple laurel wreaths. These days we see flower crowns being worn at weddings, festivals, baby showers and even out to birthday celebrations. Why are flower crowns so popular? Well, besides the fact that they look stunning they are so easy to customise.

A flower crown can be as bold or as simple as the wearer likes. Use a crown as a splash of colour to a black dress or go really over the top to stand out at your local music festival. The options are endless.

How to Create a Perfect Flower Crown

Creating a flower crown is a fun way to bring an outfit together. With the help of a local florist you will be able to assemble a visually spectacular piece that everyone will love.

  1. Choose the right flowers
    Choosing the right flowers for your flower crown is essential to ensure your crown fits in with your overall look. Think about what you will be wearing on the day and the occasion that you will be wearing the crown. For example, as a bridal flower crown you may prefer a more simple, elegant design that fits in with your dress. Compare this to a music festival where you are more likely to want a design that stands out and makes people pay attention.Your florist will be able to recommend the best flowers for the occasion. If there is a colour scheme, they will also be able to help tie everything together.
  2. Get the timing right
    Fresh flowers give a real edge to a flower crown but they need to be kept fresh. Picking up your flower crown too far in advance may compromise the look and integrity of your crown. If you do need your crown a day before the event, speak to your florist to see how you can help keep your flowers fresh and looking their best ready for the event day.
  3. Consider two crowns
    Two crowns you say! Yep, that’s right! For long events such as a wedding, you may want to consider two crowns. A bride often has to be ready hours in advance of her wedding. This means your crown is generally on well before you walk down the aisle. Come the time for your reception, depending on the climate, your flower crown may be looking a bit worse for wear. Seeing as you will be taking pictures all day, a second crown can be used to refresh your look. This is also a great way to change up your look during the day. A smaller, delicate crown can be worn during the ceremony and a brighter bigger crown can be worn when it’s time to party!

No matter what the event, a flower crown is the perfect accessory. A fresh flower crown is wearable for anyone of any age. Speak to the team at FlowerFlow to see how we can help make your flower crown dreams come to life.

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4 Reasons to Indulge in Fresh Flowers

When was the last time you indulged in a beautiful bunch of flowers? For some people flowers are an item that is only gifted and not something that you would buy for yourself. However, flowers are so much more than just a special gift to a friend or loved one. Plus who says you can’t buy yourself a bouquet of flowers!

Whether it’s a small bunch from the supermarket while you are doing your weekly shopping or a specially ordered bouquet from the florist, here are 4 reasons you should indulge in fresh flowers!

  1. To Celebrate a Special Occasion
    So, we said that fresh flowers don’t have to just be a special occasion gift but in this instance we aren’t talking about a birthday, anniversary or job promotion. What passes as a congratulatory moment differs for everyone.Treat yourself to a big bunch of fresh blooms for things such as hitting your weight loss goal, filling in your tax return or getting your kids to school on time. Or, even for something as small as getting out of bed and showing up for the day. While this sounds like a simple task, sometimes it can be one of the hardest things to do. Don’t forget, indulging in fresh flowers is a form of self care and you can’t say no to that!
  2. To Cheer Yourself Up
    Sometimes you just feel down and a bit flat. While you may not be able to completely change your mood, indulging in fresh blooms will put a smile on your face, even if it is for a short while.Flowers have been proven to increase happiness and are a great way to add some colour to an otherwise drab and dull day. Sit them on your desk at work or place them in a high traffic area within your home. You are bound to smile each time you look at them.
  3. To Ease Anxiety
    Similar to cheering yourself up, fresh flowers are a great way to ease anxiety. This can be especially helpful during work hours or when going through a stressful personal period. If you are suffering from anxiety or stress, whether it be at home or at work, look for soothing colours that can help to reduce stress. Purples and blues are great for this.Fresh flowers will also help to bring the outside in, as getting closer to nature has been told to help ease the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. This is a great substitute if you can’t easily access bushland or lush green areas. Your florist will be able to put together a stunning bouquet or display that will help ease the mind and nurture the soul.
  4. Why Not
    Why not treat yourself to some fresh flowers? Take the time to browse your local florist or fresh flower supplier and take in the sights and smells of the blooms. Pick something that catches your eye and display it in your home or work space. You will be surprised what a difference a bunch of flowers can make to your living space. Taking time for yourself is an important part of taking care of yourself. Indulge in some flowers and feel the difference that they can bring to you.

Not convinced? Speak to the Flower Flow team to see how they can help prepare the perfect flower arrangement to help brighten your day.

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Mother’s Day Flowers – Show Mum You Care This Mother’s Day

May is just around the corner and that means Mother’s Day is nearly here! Sunday, 12th May 2019 is one of the biggest days on the calendar. It’s a day where families all around Australia get together to celebrate their Mum’s, Grandma’s, Auntie’s and other mother figures. While this is a great day of celebration, it can be extremely stressful for those who buy a gift for the occasion. Don’t fret! Fresh flowers make the perfect gift to help show your mum just how important she is to you.

Not convinced that flowers are the right present? Read on to learn more reasons why fresh flowers make a great Mother’s Day gift idea.

  1. First of All, She’s your Mum
    Need we say more! Your Mum is always available year round to help offer advice, give hugs and support you. She doesn’t get paid yet she has one of the best yet stressful jobs in the world. No matter how old you get, you will always lean on your Mum for support and guidance. Show her you care and appreciate her love and support with a stunning floral arrangement.
  2. She’s Helped You Over the Year
    This doesn’t have to be anything major but maybe she has helped out with the grandkids or helped clean the house while you were at work. These small acts often go un-appreciated but without that help, it would just be another chore or job that you need to do. Take the time to say thank you for the small things. Your Mum will love that you notice the things she does for you.
  3. You’ve been Venting to Her More Recently
    It’s healthy to vent your frustrations or grievances to a friend or loved one. However, if your mum is your confidant there is no doubt that she will take your worries and stresses on as her own. While Mum’s are more than happy to be a shoulder to cry on or friend to vent to, show her that you care and appreciate having her there to listen to you and offer advice when you need it.
  4. She Works Hard
    There’s not denying that Mum’s are hard workers. Being a Mum is one of the hardest jobs in the world, it takes a lot of time and energy to care for children, young and old! Show Mum that you know she is doing a great job and you cherish everything she does for you.
  5. She Loves Flowers
    You would be surprised by the number of Mum’s around Australia who use fake flowers to decorate their homes. Many people find this to be a cost effective way to decorate with florals but without the decorations dying and constantly having to be replaced. Treat Mum to a stunning bunch of flowers that she will love. Easily choose flowers that fit in with her homes decor or pick a bouquet that features her favourite flower.

These are just a few reasons that you should celebrate your Mum this Mother’s Day. Speak to your local florist or Flower Flow to see how you can present Mum with the best flower bouquet she has ever seen.

View our range of flowers here or contact us to see how we can help put a smile on your Mum’s face this Mother’s Day.

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Winter Weddings – How to Embrace the Weather for a Perfect Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in a couples life. While most people will tend to think of spring or summer as a prime time to get married, winter shouldn’t be forgotten. Winter weddings are just as beautiful and visually stunning as those thrown in the warmer months.

Read on to learn 4 reasons you should consider a winter wedding.

  • Amazing Vintage Event Locations
    The cooler winter months can turn vintage locations into incredible wedding destinations. Think rustic locations with roaring fires, leather and warm deep tones. Outdoor settings can also be turned into winter wonderlands with the help of portable heaters and and outdoor fires. You won’t be disappointed with the beauty that winter can bring to a location.
  • Stunning Photography Options
    Don’t be fooled into thinking winter is all damp and dreary. Cooler months can make fantastic photography opportunities. The winter sun can make for exquisite wedding photos that will stand out from those taken during the hotter months. You can also use the earlier nights to your advantage. Planning your wedding ceremony around sunset can make for the most incredible background. Reds, oranges and purples help to add to the romantic feel of the day and is a perfect way to tie everything in together.
  • Wedding Blooms
    Fresh flowers love the cooler months. You won’t have the normal troubles of flowers potentially wilting as you would with a summer wedding. Your flowers will continue to work their magic long into the night as the cooler weather keeps them looking pristine.Winter weddings are a great time to take advantage of deeper colours that really pop against the bridal party and venue. Deep reds and purples are modern, romantic and elegant all at the same time. When done right your deep toned flowers can really make a statement.
  • Winter Fashion
    Some of the most devine bridal looks come from those geared towards cooler weather. Long sleeved bridal dresses and warm wooly jackets for the men are visually stunning when paired with a great vista. Don’t be afraid to play with different winter looks as going with something unique often pays off.Getting your makeup to last the whole day will also be less of a hassle as the likeliness of sweating is reduced. Just like the clothing options, you can risk playing with a bolder makeup look as you know it will take you well into the night.

Besides the points mentioned above, winter weddings are a great time to save yourself a bit of money and nab the location you have always dreamed of, without having to worry about other couples getting in before you.

So, if you are trying to find the perfect time to host your wedding, why not consider a winter wedding. Check online for some wedding inspo, you won’t be disappointed!

Contact the team at Flower Flow to see how we can help you bring your winter wedding arrangements ideas to life.

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Our Top 5 Tips To Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Getting married is one of the most important times in most people’s lives. For most couples, it is the biggest event they will host in their lifetime, and for that reason it needs to reflect the couple while impressing their guests. Flowers play a very important part in a wedding, from the bride’s bouquet right through to table settings at the reception.

Choosing the right flowers for your big day can be as hard as finding the right wedding dress. So, finding the right florist to help you can make all the difference. Read on to find out our top tips for choosing the perfect wedding flowers.

  1. Know Your Budget
    Knowing how much you have to spend on flowers will help make the decision process easier. Generally, flowers are present from the wedding ceremony right through to the reception. So, being mindful of your budget will allow you to have the best displays available to you. This will also help your florist know exactly what is within your price range and in turn, pick the best fresh flowers to fit your budget. 
  2. Do Your Research
    Do you know what colour flowers you would like? Or, is there a particular flower that you would love to use as part of your bridal bouquet? Doing your research and searching for some inspiration will help you to narrow down ideas that you can take to your florist. Wedding forums, flower arrangement blogs and websites like Pinterest can help you find some great ideas.
  3. Choose Your Wedding Theme
    Choosing a wedding theme is also an important part of knowing what fresh flowers will suit your wedding. Think of the location of your wedding and the style you are wanting to follow. For example, if you are having a small garden wedding, then you may want to use more greenery and light or pastel colours. If you are having a more modern wedding, then you might want to use simpler arrangements that incorporate colours such as deep red to give a romantic feel.  
  4. Consider the Season
    Something extra to think about is the season in which you will be married. The season will also play a part in the flowers that you choose. Some flowers will be hard to find during certain seasons however, a good florist will be able to help you find something similar or work with you to find a great alternative. In some cases your florist may be able to work their magic and find the flower you are looking for. Just remember that this may incur additional costs and should be factored into your budget before you commit to anything.  
  5. Choose the Right Florist
    Finding the right florist is an integral part of the process. Look for a florist that shares your vision and works with you to create your dream flower arrangements. Before you commit to a florist, make sure you research, check portfolios and meet in person to ensure you are compatible.  

Fresh flowers really help to add a sophisticated yet romantic touch to any wedding. Choosing the right arrangements to fit your theme, colour scheme and style will add a unique touch to your big day. Speak to the team at Flower Flow to see how we can help make your wedding day, a day to remember.

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4 Flower Arranging Tricks to Make Your Fresh Flowers Look Amazing

Have you ever bought or received flowers that looked amazing in their bouquet but once you put them into a vase the arrangement just didn’t look as good? Or, maybe you have decided to buy fresh, loose flowers that you need to arrange yourself. While florists are trained to make fresh flowers look amazing, sometimes you may want to do a bit of tweaking once you get your flowers home.

There are a few tricks that you can use to make your own arrangements look amazing without too much fuss.

  1. Find the Perfect Vase
    The perfect vase for your arrangement depends on the flowers that you are working with. Larger flowers and greenery with longer stems will require a bigger vase. You will also want to take note of the opening of the vase. A vase with a larger opening will require more flowers and foliage to fill the space. As a general rule, a large, full vase is the way to go.

  2. Start From the Base
    Start your arrangement with greenery. This is a great way to fill your vase and create some shape and texture. Try mixing different types of foliage and greenery together to make a solid base. This will fill up most of your vase space and really help to make the flowers pop as they go up against the lush greens.Then all that’s left to do is add your flowers!

  3. Work With Different Heights
    Flowers of different heights can really add wow factor and impact to any floral arrangement.  This technique will also help to add dimension to your arrangement. For a modern arrangement, try using different types of flowers to to create different textures. Roses are a great start when doing this. Mix your roses with smaller multi-headed flowers to create contrast.

  4. Mix Your Colours
    Who says that your arrangement has to be matchy? Don’t be afraid to play with colours. Mix colours to create depth and contrast within the arrangement. A great way to do this is to mix deep colours with lighter pastels. Or, keep within the same colour palette such as reds, pinks and oranges.

Bonus Tip

Take advantage of any smaller stemmed flowers that you may have. In most cases people tend to throw these out but in fact, they can make stunning smaller arrangements that you can use in smaller spaces to help inject some colour. Arranging these blooms in tea cups are a great way to add some flair to your bouquet. This style of display looks great placed on or around a bookcase or area where you go to read.

Use a clear hair elastic to tie your stems together so that your arrangement stays together within the tea cup or glass. This will also make it easier when you need to change the water as your bouquet arrangement will stay together and not need to be “put back together” every time you move the glass.

Contact Flower Flower

If you are looking for fresh flowers to create your own floral arrangement, the team at Flower Flow can help. Our team will be able to help you pick out the best colours and flowers to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to learn more.

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Surprising Health Benefits of Fresh Flowers

By now you probably know that fresh flowers have the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face. A stunning bouquet of flowers can turn any occasion into something special. You may be surprised to know that fresh flowers offer a whole host of health benefits besides making you feel happy.

Summer is a great time to indulge in some self-care and treat yourself or a loved one to some fresh flowers. Below are a few of the health benefits that come with your blooms.

  1. Flowers can improve your mental health
    As mentioned above, fresh flowers have the ability to instantly improve your mood. Whether you receive them as a gift, a get well gesture or even buy them for yourself, your mood will instantly be lifted leaving you feeling loved, happy and satisfied.Fresh flowers can also help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. A bright bouquet can create a calm, soothing space. This allows you to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the flowers, take a few deep breaths and relax.
  2. Sleep better
    When it comes to sleep, flowers are a great addition to any bedroom. Delicate scents from the flowers are proven to lower your heart rate and blood pressure to ensure you are relaxed for a night of deep undisturbed sleep.While lavender is the most thought of flower when it comes to sleep, roses should not be passed over. Their elegant yet light aroma makes for a perfect addition to any bedroom without being overpowering. When picking fresh flowers to help improve sleep, look for light or pastel colours that make you feel calm.
  3.  Add humidity to any room
    If you suffer from sinus or other respiratory issues where you are susceptible to dry airways, throat, sniffles and sneezing, fresh flowers can help add humidity to the air. If dry air is an issue within your home, flowers could be the answer you are looking for. Added humidity will help to create a more comfortable environment and improve symptoms.
  4. Improve Memory and Concentration
    This is a great option for those who have a home office. Fresh flowers and indoor plants help to oxygenate the air boosting brain cells and improving memory and concentration levels. A fresh bouquet not only helps improve memory and overall ability to concentrate for long periods, but bright colours can also inspire and increase creativity.Keeping flowers in your favourite colours can inspire and get creative juices flowing. Changing up your flower colours every couple of weeks can also help to keep you inspired without the chance of the colours blending in and becoming just another object in your space.
  5. Feel Safer
    It has been proven that the colour green makes people feel relaxed, at ease and safe. Green flowers and foliage can help evoke these feelings. Many people often overlook green flowers in favour of more popular blooms but give them a chance and you will be surprised at how helpful they really are. Try adding green bouquets to areas where you like to relax such as your bedroom, bathroom, sunroom or living room.

Fresh flowers bring with them a whole host of health benefits. Take advantage of these by treating yourself or loved ones to a fresh bouquet every now and then. You will both reap the benefits that fresh flowers bring.

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4 Reasons To Send Someone Flowers

For many people gifting flowers only happens on birthdays and for big occasions such as weddings or funerals. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are many different reasons that you can choose to gift a friend or loved one with a large or small bouquet or display of fresh flowers.

The simple gesture of buying flowers can change someone’s day for the better, and it doesn’t need to be for any special reason. Read on to find out 4 reasons why you should send flowers to a friend or loved one.

  1. You haven’t spoken to someone in a while
    Floral arrangements are a perfect ice breaker if you want to re-connect with a friend or family member that you haven’t spoken to for a while. Life can get busy, meaning we don’t always get to interact with our loved ones as often as we would like. Sending a fresh bunch of flowers will let them know you are thinking of them.

Speak to your florist about what colours and arrangement size the receiver would like to ensure your bouquet packs a punch!

  1. Someone Is Having a Hard Time
    Fresh flowers can have a positive effect on your mood, making them a great choice for someone who is currently having a hard time or going through a rough patch. Flowers have several health benefits and it has been proven that they can boost your mood, calm anxiety and reduce stress.Your fresh flower specialist will be able to help you pick fresh blooms that will ensure a positive impact on the receiver. Bright blooms such as pinks and yellows evoke feelings of love, friendship and happiness.
  2. You want to show someone that you care
    This doesn’t have to be for any particular reason. Sending flowers to show someone that you care and are thinking about them can be extremely rewarding. Fresh flowers are a very emotional gift as they can evoke all sorts of feelings.In this situation your choice of blooms are endless. Whether you are looking for bright colours or light, airy pastels you won’t be limited for choice. If you are looking for something a bit more out of the box, think oranges, greens, blues and pale yellows. Your floral expert will be able to help you arrange a stunning bouquet.
  3. Celebrating an Event
    When we say event, we aren’t talking about large scale events like weddings or anniversaries. This could be something as simple as celebrating your friend getting a job promotion, buying a new car or celebrating your friend achieving a weight loss milestone. While these things may seem small to us, they can be extremely special to your friend or family member.This kind of occasion is a great chance to let your florist create a fun floral arrangement that the receiver will love.

Bonus Flower Flow Tip
You don’t need a reason to gift someone with fresh flowers. You may just be walking past your local florist and see a bouquet that catches your eye. Surprise gifts are often the best kind as the receiver is completely caught off guard. You may also want to treat yourself to a bright bouquet for your own home or workspace!

Contact Flower Flow
The team at Flower Flow are always on hand to help you pick and arrange the perfect floral arrangement for your loved one. We can cater for large arrangements right through to small bouquets. Contact us today to see what fresh flowers we have available and to learn how we can help you.